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Artiste/NomTitreAjoutée lePagesFormat HitsDernier hit
  Backstreet BoysShow Me The Meaning Of Being LonelyNew! 31/12/20075pdf52420/10/2018
  Backstreet BoysQuit Playing Games With My HeartNew! 31/12/20074zip49314/10/2018
  Backstreet BoysNo One Else Comes CloseNew! 31/12/20077pdf30720/09/2018
  Backstreet BoysI Want It That WayNew! 31/12/20075pdf74514/10/2018
  Backstreet BoysI Need You TonightNew! 31/12/20073pdf44608/10/2018
  Backstreet BoysIncompleteNew! 31/12/20076pdf93420/09/2018
  Backstreet BoysHow Did I Fall In Love With YouNew! 31/12/20076pdf39617/10/2018
  Backstreet BoysDrowningNew! 31/12/20076pdf36020/09/2018
  Backstreet BoysAs Long As You Love MeNew! 31/12/20076pdf59217/10/2018
  Backstreet BoysAs Long As You Love MeNew! 31/12/20074pdf99216/10/2018
  Baden PowellDeixa21/09/20081pdf105517/10/2018
  BambiLittle April Shower21/09/20082pdf225718/10/2018
  Barbara StreisandWoman In LoveNew! 31/12/20074pdf352118/10/2018
  Barbara StreisandThe Way We WereNew! 31/12/20079zip104416/10/2018
  Barbara StreisandThe Way We WereNew! 31/12/20073pdf147217/10/2018
  Barbara StreisandSend In The ClownsNew! 31/12/20077pdf144920/10/2018
  Barbara StreisandBarbara_Streisand_Funny_Girl_PeopleNew! 31/12/20074pdf70618/10/2018
  Barbara StreisandBarbara_Streisand_EvergreenNew! 31/12/20075pdf93704/10/2018
  Barbara StreisandMemory - CatsNew! 31/12/20075pdf539317/10/2018
  Barney KesselAll The Things You Are21/09/20082pdf180313/10/2018
  Barry ManilowMandyNew! 31/12/20078zip69413/10/2018
  Barry ManilowMandyNew! 31/12/20078pdf92309/10/2018
  Barry ManilowI Write The SongsNew! 31/12/20074zip59615/10/2018
  BatmanFlowers Of The Past14/09/20082pdf174711/10/2018
  Belle Et La BeteBe Our Guest21/09/200814pdf211118/10/2018
  Belle Et La BeteTheme21/09/20083pdf616218/10/2018
  Belle Et La BeteTheme21/09/20088zip275014/10/2018
  Belle Et La BeteTheme21/09/20084pdf217518/10/2018
  Belle Et La BeteTheme21/09/20088zip149918/10/2018
  Belle Et La BeteTheme21/09/20085zip186320/10/2018
  Belle Et Le ClochardBella Notte21/09/20082pdf241018/10/2018
  Ben E KingStand By Me01/03/20093pdf835820/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveZak And SaraNew! 31/12/20079pdf27315/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveThe Luckiest - TranscriptionNew! 31/12/20075zip33015/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveStill Fighting ItNew! 31/12/20072zip26516/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveRockin' The SuburbsNew! 31/12/20074zip25714/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveFive PhilosophyNew! 31/12/20075zip25829/09/2018
  Ben Folds FiveNot The SameNew! 31/12/20077zip24418/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveLosing LisaNew! 31/12/20076zip24117/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveGoneNew! 31/12/20074zip25319/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveFred Jones Part 2New! 31/12/20075zip27017/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveFiredNew! 31/12/20078zip26817/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveCarrying CathyNew! 31/12/20075zip26417/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveBrickNew! 31/12/20075pdf30105/10/2018
  Ben Folds FiveBrickNew! 31/12/20075pdf32620/09/2018
  Ben Folds FiveAnnie WaitsNew! 31/12/20075zip32618/10/2018
  Ben HarperThe Will To Live21/09/20081gif74118/10/2018
  Ben HarperFight For Your Mind21/09/20081gif78619/10/2018
  Ben HarperBurn To Shine21/09/200812pdf145414/10/2018
  Ben HarperThere Will Be A Light21/09/20082pdf58214/10/2018
  Ben HarperWelcome To The Cruel World21/09/20086pdf68011/10/2018
  Ben HarperWhipping Boy01/03/20091gif47914/10/2018
  Ben HarperDiamonds On The Inside21/09/20082pdf141815/10/2018
  Ben HarperPleasure And Pain21/09/20081gif60906/10/2018
  Benny AndersonI Have A Dream01/03/20095zip161515/10/2018
  Bette MidlerThe Wind Beneath My WingsNew! 31/12/20074pdf63513/10/2018
  Bette MidlerThe RoseNew! 31/12/20073zip298418/10/2018
  Bette MidlerFrom A DistanceNew! 31/12/20075pdf52611/10/2018
  Bill EvansFat Time21/09/20081JPG117908/10/2018
  Bill EvansTime Remembered21/09/20081pdf102315/10/2018
  Bill EvansTurn Out The Stars21/09/20081pdf71718/10/2018
  Bill EvansStella21/09/20083zip170916/10/2018
  Bill EvansVery Early21/09/20081pdf80413/10/2018
  Billie HolidayLove For SaleNew! 31/12/20077zip88920/10/2018
  Billie HollidayLove For Sale01/03/20097zip194516/10/2018
  Billy JoelLeave Me A Tender Moment Alone05/09/20085pdf60818/10/2018
  Billy JoelViennaNew! 31/12/20078pdf81118/10/2018
  Billy JoelThe Longest TimeNew! 31/12/20076pdf96218/10/2018
  Billy JoelShe's Always A Woman to MeNew! 31/12/20075pdf117620/10/2018
  Billy JoelRoot Beer RagNew! 31/12/200711zip69720/10/2018
  Billy JoelPiano ManNew! 31/12/20073pdf189818/10/2018
  Billy JoelPiano ManNew! 31/12/20075pdf310118/10/2018
  Billy JoelNocturneNew! 31/12/20074pdf77114/10/2018
  Billy JoelNew York State Of MindNew! 31/12/20074pdf235618/10/2018
  Billy JoelLeningradNew! 31/12/20074pdf70918/10/2018
  Billy JoelJust The Way You AreNew! 31/12/20078pdf242317/10/2018
  Billy JoelHonestyNew! 31/12/20077pdf632318/10/2018
  Billy JoelJust the Way You Are21/09/20082pdf233715/10/2018
  Billy StrayhornTake The A Train21/09/20081pdf172715/10/2018
  Black Eyed PeasWhere Is The Love ?New! 31/12/20075zip345117/10/2018
  Blanche NeigeHeigh Ho21/09/20082zip494218/10/2018
  BlueBreathe EasyNew! 31/12/20076zip42520/10/2018
  BlueBreathe EasyNew! 31/12/20076zip61420/10/2018
  BO A Walk To RememberOnly HopeNew! 31/12/20074pdf100218/10/2018
  BO CatsMemoryNew! 31/12/20077pdf121718/10/2018
  BO Chariots De FeuChariots De FeuNew! 31/12/20072pdf247518/10/2018
  BO ChicagoAnd All That JazzNew! 31/12/20078zip131018/10/2018
  BO Christophe ColombConquest Of ParadiseNew! 31/12/20075pdf218818/10/2018
  BO Forrest GumpFeather ThemeNew! 31/12/20075zip270020/10/2018
  BO James BondJames Bond - ThemeNew! 31/12/20072zip530717/10/2018
  BO La lecon De PianoThe Heart Asks Pleasure FirstNew! 31/12/20076zip536715/10/2018
  BO La liste De SchindlerLe ThemeNew! 31/12/20072pdf340818/10/2018
  BO La liste De SchindlerJewish TownNew! 31/12/20074pdf100318/10/2018
  BO La panthere RoseLa panthere RoseNew! 31/12/20072pdf637618/10/2018
  BO La panthere RoseLa panthere RoseNew! 31/12/20072pdf282912/10/2018
  BO Le Fantome De L'OperaMusic Of the NightNew! 31/12/20075pdf121317/10/2018
  BO Le Flic De Beverly HillsAxel F - Le ThemeNew! 31/12/20074pdf199220/10/2018
  BO Le Magicien D'OzSomewhere Over The RainbowNew! 31/12/20075pdf461417/10/2018
  BO Le Prince D'EgypteWhen You BelieveNew! 31/12/20073pdf185207/10/2018
  BO Le Seigneur Des AnneauxIn DreamsNew! 31/12/20073zip505814/10/2018
  BO Legende D'AutomneLegende D'AutomneNew! 31/12/20072pdf162217/10/2018
  BO Married With ChildrenLove And MarriageNew! 31/12/20073pdf54606/10/2018
  BO Merry Widow WaltzMerry Widow WaltzNew! 31/12/20071pdf47714/10/2018
  BO Moulin Rouge OSTNature BoyNew! 31/12/20073pdf95819/10/2018
  BO Moulin Rouge OSTCome What MayNew! 31/12/20076zip157215/10/2018
  BO New-York, New-YorkNew York, New YorkNew! 31/12/20072pdf433820/10/2018
  BO Pearl HarborPearl Harbor - There you'll beNew! 31/12/20075pdf227820/10/2018
  BO Pretty WomanPretty WomanNew! 31/12/20074pdf365018/10/2018
  BO Romeo Et JulietteKissing YouNew! 31/12/20074pdf239114/10/2018
  BO Sex And The CityLe ThemeNew! 31/12/20072zip123917/10/2018
  BO Star WarsAcross The StarsNew! 31/12/20075zip197618/10/2018
  BO Star WarsLe ThemeNew! 31/12/20072pdf425517/10/2018
  BO TarzanTwo WorldsNew! 31/12/20076pdf141330/09/2018
  BO The Deer HunterCavatinaNew! 31/12/20073pdf68015/10/2018
  BO The EntertainerThe EntertainerNew! 31/12/20076zip110115/10/2018
  BO The EntertainerThe EntertainerNew! 31/12/20071pdf156517/10/2018
  BO The Keeper Of The StarsThe Keeper Of The StarsNew! 31/12/20073pdf29420/09/2018
  BO The RoseThe RoseNew! 31/12/20074pdf121318/10/2018
  BO TitanicRoseNew! 31/12/20073pdf206117/10/2018
  BO TitanicMy Heart Will Go OnNew! 31/12/200711zip802716/10/2018
  Bob HaggartWhat's New21/09/20081pdf49518/10/2018
  Bobby Mc FerrinDon't Worry Be Happy01/03/20097pdf398518/10/2018
  Bobby VintonBlue on blueNew! 31/12/20072zip43423/09/2018
  BOBreakfast At Tiffany'sMoon RiverNew! 31/12/20072pdf137615/10/2018
  Boogie BoySmidtzNew! 31/12/20074pdf49012/10/2018
  Boomtown RatsI Dont't Like MondaysNew! 31/12/20078zip54118/10/2018
  Boyz 2 MenIll Make Love To YouNew! 31/12/20075pdf67817/10/2018
  Boyz 2 MenEnd Of The RoadNew! 31/12/20075pdf71417/10/2018
  Boyz 2 Men4 Seasons Of LonelinessNew! 31/12/20076zip43017/10/2018
  BoyzoneYou Needed MeNew! 31/12/20073zip30415/10/2018
  BoyzoneYou Needed MeNew! 31/12/20073pdf33917/10/2018
  Brad MehldauLondon Blues21/09/20081gif174018/10/2018
  Brad MehldauAll The things You Are21/09/20086pdf146220/10/2018
  Brad MehldauJazz Center21/09/20082pdf118818/10/2018
  Brandford MarsalisYes Or No21/09/20083pdf58620/10/2018
  Brandford MarsalisMo Better Blues01/03/20091jpg132318/10/2018
  BrandyHave You Ever ?New! 31/12/20076zip23215/10/2018
  BrandyHave You Ever ?New! 31/12/20076pdf39717/10/2018
  Breakfast at Tiffanny'sMoon River14/09/20082zip196614/10/2018
  Breakfast at Tiffanny'sMoon River14/09/20083pdf121118/10/2018
  Breakfast at Tiffanny'sMoon River14/09/20082pdf299318/10/2018
  Brenda RusselPiano In The DarkNew! 31/12/20075pdf49018/10/2018
  Brian McKnightOne Last CryNew! 31/12/20076zip40018/10/2018
  Brian McKnightAnytimeNew! 31/12/20077zip49414/10/2018
  Brian McKnightBack At OneNew! 31/12/20074pdf54820/10/2018
  Britney SpearsToxicNew! 31/12/20076pdf374017/10/2018
  Britney SpearsYou Drive Me CrazyNew! 31/12/20075pdf71617/10/2018
  Britney SpearsI'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A WomanNew! 31/12/20075pdf89017/10/2018
  Britney SpearsEverytimeNew! 31/12/20074zip174418/10/2018
  Britney SpearsEverytimeNew! 31/12/20074pdf328817/10/2018
  Britney SpearsDon't Let Me Be The Last To KnowNew! 31/12/20072pdf45917/10/2018
  Britney SpearsBaby One More TimeNew! 31/12/20075pdf241517/10/2018
  Bruce HornsbyThat's Just The Way It IsNew! 31/12/20076zip84720/10/2018
  Bruce HornsbyThat's Just The Way It IsNew! 31/12/20073pdf75517/10/2018
  Bruce SpringsteenThunder RoadNew! 31/12/20079zip91017/10/2018
  Bruce SpringsteenStreets Of PhiladelphiaNew! 31/12/20073pdf419720/10/2018
  Bruce SpringsteenSecret GardenNew! 31/12/20075zip51017/10/2018
  Bruce SpringsteenSecret GardenNew! 31/12/20075pdf73415/10/2018
  Bruce SpringsteenBorn To RunNew! 31/12/200710pdf111314/10/2018
  Bruno CoulaisVois Sur Ton Chemin - Les ChoristesNew! 31/12/20071pdf237315/10/2018
  Bryan AdamsThe Only OneNew! 31/12/20074pdf59717/10/2018
  Bryan AdamsSummer Of 69New! 31/12/20071zip177516/10/2018
  Bryan AdamsHeavenNew! 31/12/20074pdf85517/10/2018
  Bryan AdamsHeavenNew! 31/12/20075pdf139415/10/2018
  Bryan Adams(Everything I Do) I Do It For YouNew! 31/12/20076zip491818/10/2018
  Bryan Adams(Everything I Do) I Do It For YouNew! 31/12/20073pdf663013/10/2018
  Bryan AdamsHave You Ever Really Loved A WomanNew! 31/12/20074pdf104917/10/2018
  Bryan Adams & Mel CWhen You're GoneNew! 31/12/20073zip35116/10/2018
  Bryan Adams & Mel CWhen You're GoneNew! 31/12/20075pdf58320/10/2018
  Buena Vista Social ClubMurmullo01/03/20095zip186620/10/2018
  Buffy Contre Les VampiresSlayer Close Your Eyes14/09/20086pdf127915/10/2018
  Buffy Contre Les VampiresOnce More With Feeling14/09/20081pdf132117/10/2018