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Artiste/NomTitreAjoutée lePagesFormat HitsDernier hit
  Paolo IzabellaWhat Dreams Are Made OfNew! 31/12/20072zip41921/04/2019
  Pasty ClineCrazyNew! 31/12/20074zip98215/04/2019
  Pat MartinoJust FriendsNew! 21/09/20085pdf63612/04/2019
  Pat MartinoOn the StairsNew! 21/09/20081pdf38420/04/2019
  Pat MethenyRiver QuayNew! 21/09/20081pdf48520/04/2019
  Pat MethenyJamesNew! 21/09/20082pdf49312/04/2019
  Pat MethenyApril JoyNew! 21/09/20081pdf47813/04/2019
  Pat MethenyWatercolorsNew! 21/09/20081pdf47312/04/2019
  Pat MethenyMissouri UncompromisedNew! 21/09/20081pdf41712/04/2019
  Patricia KaasMademoiselle Chante Le BluesNew! 31/12/20075pdf363821/04/2019
  Patricia KaasMon Mec A MoiNew! 31/12/20074pdf338521/04/2019
  Patricia KaasD'AllemagneNew! 31/12/20077pdf142319/04/2019
  Patrick SwayzeShe's Like the WindNew! 31/12/20075zip206314/04/2019
  Paul AnkaPut Your Head On My Shoulder01/03/20093pdf124722/04/2019
  Paul ChambersStraight No ChaserNew! 21/09/200811pdf57620/04/2019
  Paul ChambersIf I Wer A BellNew! 21/09/20088pdf31912/04/2019
  Paul ChambersWhims Of ChambersNew! 21/09/20084pdf43412/04/2019
  Paul DesmondTake Five (Avec Impro)New! 21/09/20085pdf324722/04/2019
  Paul DesmondBlack OrpheusNew! 21/09/20082pdf149422/04/2019
  Paul DesmondTake FiveNew! 21/09/20081pdf314817/04/2019
  Paula ColeI Don't Want to WaitNew! 31/12/20078zip39812/04/2019
  Peanuts Charlie BrownThemeNew! 14/09/20086pdf120320/04/2019
  Pearl HarborTennesseNew! 14/09/20084pdf562523/04/2019
  Pearl HarborThemeNew! 14/09/20082zip738221/04/2019
  Pearl HarborThere You'll beNew! 14/09/20085pdf214113/04/2019
  Pearl HarborThere You'll beNew! 14/09/20085pdf94512/04/2019
  Peter & Ina WolfSaraNew! 31/12/20075pdf36718/04/2019
  Petula ClarkDowntownNew! 31/12/20070pdf141812/04/2019
  Phil CollinsYou'll Be In My HeartNew! 31/12/20074zip152220/04/2019
  Phil CollinsYou'll Be In My HeartNew! 31/12/20078pdf226413/04/2019
  Phil CollinsTrue ColorsNew! 31/12/20074pdf571522/04/2019
  Phil CollinsIn The Air TonightNew! 31/12/20073pdf202822/04/2019
  Phil CollinsCant Stop Loving YouNew! 31/12/20074pdf197322/04/2019
  Phil CollinsI Wish It Would Rain DownNew! 31/12/20075pdf97019/04/2019
  Phil CollinsAnother Day In ParadiseNew! 31/12/20075zip272423/04/2019
  Phil CollinsAnother Day In ParadiseNew! 31/12/20072pdf392222/04/2019
  Phil CollinsAgainst All OddsNew! 31/12/20074pdf202022/04/2019
  Phil CollinsAgainst All OddsNew! 31/12/20073pdf307722/04/2019
  Pierre DrevetViteNew! 21/09/20082pdf37519/04/2019
  Pink FloydWish You Were HereNew! 31/12/20075pdf375521/04/2019
  Pink FloydAnother Brick In The WallNew! 31/12/200710pdf511721/04/2019
  Pink FloydShine On You Crazy DiamondNew! 31/12/20079pdf277217/04/2019
  Pink FloydGreat Gig In The SkyNew! 31/12/20075pdf517720/04/2019
  PinocchioWhen You Wish Upon A StarNew! 21/09/20083zip245622/04/2019
  PinocchioWhen You Wish Upon A StarNew! 21/09/20083pdf114617/04/2019
  PocahontasColors Of The WindNew! 21/09/20085pdf639022/04/2019
  PocahontasColors Of The WindNew! 21/09/20085pdf258212/04/2019
  PocahontasColors Of The WindNew! 21/09/20085zip245620/04/2019
  PokemonThemeNew! 21/09/20086pdf479921/04/2019
  Pretty WomanOh Pretty WomanNew! 14/09/20084zip498722/04/2019
  Pretty WomanOh Pretty WomanNew! 14/09/20084pdf217722/04/2019
  Prince1999New! 31/12/20073pdf62412/04/2019
  PrinceWhen Doves CryNew! 31/12/20076zip132817/04/2019
  Procol HarumWhiter Shade Of PaleNew! 31/12/20073zip441222/04/2019
  Procol HarumWhiter Shade Of PaleNew! 31/12/20073pdf461219/04/2019